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ONE TRY AND THEY'LL BE HOOKED. Need a little bath-time bait? CAST is so much fun they won't want to leave the tub. The working pole features fishing line that reels in and weighted hooks they can use to snag whatever's floating by. It even comes with three floating sea creatures. Please catch and release.
Price: $27.00
24.86 AUD 19.66 USD 15.32 GBP
Boon Bubbles - Suction Cup Bath Toys
Bubbles: their only imperfection is a short life span. Until now. These bubbles don't pop! Stick these bubble suction cups on each other and bathtub, just like building blocks for the tub!
Price: $36.00
33.15 AUD 26.21 USD 20.42 GBP
Boon Creature Cups
BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. Recommended age: 9 months+
Price: $24.00
22.10 AUD 17.48 USD 13.62 GBP

BOON Stacking Boats - set of three
NO LANDLUBBERS ALLOWED. Plastic-ware in the tub is all well and good until it comes time to pack up that leftover meatloaf. Instead, we recommend Fleet, a set of five stackable boats that satisfy every child's insatiable desire to pour water on everything. They're designed with wide decks for scooping and drain holes for a rain effect (it gets stormy on the high seas). So go full steam ahead...just watch out for soap icebergs.
Price: $21.00
19.34 AUD 15.29 USD 11.91 GBP
Boon Water Bugs
BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. Recommended age: 9 months+
Price: $21.00
19.34 AUD 15.29 USD 11.91 GBP
These products are made from latex that is harvested from rubber trees in Sri Lanka in a completely natural process. They are individually handcrafted in Sri Lanka by very skilled craftsmen using age old techniques - yes, they are made by hand! The result is a very attractive rubber animal which is very soft and flexible to the touch and beautifully painted with non-toxic paint. These are products that are environmentally sensitive, they support sustainable forests, they are educational and, last but certainly not least, they are loads of fun!

Dimensions: L = 8.5cm

Price: $9.95
9.16 AUD 7.25 USD 5.64 GBP

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