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skincare & natural products - pregnancy

During pregnancy:

The types of products you may wish to consider are:

  • morning sickness relief
  • stretchmark cream or oil
  • pregnancy massage oil
  • pre birth/birth drops
  • varicose veins/tired legs cream or gel
  • nipple care cream
When selecting skincare products you need to ensure the products are natural and safe for you and your unborn baby.

Natural, homoeopathic or herbal products are available through chemists, health food stores and organics stores nationwide. Whilst these products are not always organic they do contain natural (not synthetic ingredients).

There are many products that claim to be 'organic' but only contain a few organic ingredients and other dubious ingredients.  Read this recent press release from long established organic brand Dr Bronner.

What can you do to reassure yourself?

  1. Check  the label carefully.
  2. To find out which cosmetics are safest to use, search on the ingredients, brand or product in this Cosmetics Safety Database.

Essential oils:

Care needs to be taken when using any essential oils particularly for babies, children or during pregnancy. (

  • Only use pure essential oils (not synthetic oils).
  • Use only the recommended amount.
  • Oils should never be taken internally.
  • Do not take oils which are contraindicted in pregnancy (see Nourish article)
  • If in doubt consult a NZROHA Registered Professional Aromatherapist (

For professional advice and information about aromatherapy, refer to NZ Register of Holistic Aromatherapists web site .


1. Aromatherapy information: Eleanor Gibson, Dip. Aroma (IFPA)

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