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Juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body!

by Tony Hodge, Managing Director,
Tasman Trading Company Ltd, New Zealand

When we eat fruit and vegetables much of their goodness is locked into the fibre and is lost to the body. When we juice fruit and vegetables, their goodness is released from the fibre and we are able to drink their highly concentrated nutrients which enter our bloodstream within minutes.

Fresh juice provides us with vitamins, minerals and enzymes in their most natural concentrated form.

In his book “Juicing for the Health if it!” Siegfried Gurshe had this to say:

"Raw carrot juice is excellent for babies, it can be mixed with milk and fed as soon as the baby needs a little more than mother’s milk. Straight carrot juice can be fed to babies after they are weaned; it provides the pro-vitamin beta-carotene as well as minerals and contributes to rich blood and good skin colour. There will be no colic, cradle cap or skin rashes-reactions often seen in babies given formula.

And fresh carrot juice continues to be invaluable for growing children, who will drink the naturally sweet juice when it is sometimes impossible to coax them to eat their vegetables.

For adolescents, carrot juice aids the normal development of glands and prevents, or helps overcome acne.”

No matter what your age, it is never too late to start juicing fruits and vegetables and get on track to better health and greater vitality for you and your family.

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Editors Notes:

Juice Recipes to try:

Pear surprise
Makes 150g
Juice 125g pear and blend with approx. 75g avocado for a nutritious baby food loaded with vitamin C.

What’s up Doc?
(loaded with iron, calcium and potassium)
Makes enough for one glass for Mum (or Dad) and one for bubs.
Juice 300g of carrot and 200g of orange.
Add to a blender with 2 bananas and 2 dried apricots (optional).

Serve and enjoy!

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Buying a juicer:

There are many makes and models of juicers on the market.

Many cheaper models use a high speed blade or centrifuge and create friction heat which destroys enzymes.

A low-speed stonemill-like auger juicer (like OSCAR) employs unique juice extraction methods to keep the vital enzymes alive.

As a result, not only will you get more juice from your fruit and vegetables, the nutritionally superior juice will last longer.

We love our OSCAR Juicer so much that we are pleased to be able to offer it on the Organic Baby web site. We used to own a cheaper brand but found it so frustrating to assemble and wash that we never used it!
We recently replaced it with the OSCAR and now juice regularly. Wish we’d known about it earlier and owned one when our babies were little! Still it is never too late to start juicing!

1. Gursche, Siegfried, Juicing-for the Health of it!
Published by Alive books in Canada, 9th printing, July 2005.


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