nz where to recycle guide

You can donate or give away in the following ways...

Baby Gear: Drop at your local charity shop.
  In Wellington, baby gear can also be donated to:
The House of Grace Trust
Ph 04 920 5667

Or Pregnancy Help
c/o St Vincent de Paul
Business Waste Products:

The Waste Exchange is a web site where you can list your surplus business waste or waste "wanted".
Great for recycling if you need bulk bubble wrap, packaging materials etc.

Ecobulbs The primary hazard associated with broken Ecobulbs® is broken glass, so be sure to wear gloves when collecting any fragments. It is also advisable to let the room air for 15 minutes prior to cleaning up any breakages. Broken bulbs fragments should be swept into a bag (NOT VACUUMED) and again taken to your local refuse station for recycling.
Clothing (Business Wear) Donations: Dress for Success - a non-profit organisation that helps low-income women with appropriate dress for interviews and employment.
Old Towels /Blankets: Try your nearest Women's Refuge, Salvation Army (who also run night shelters and a refuge in Christchurch) or the SPCA.
Household Goods:


Sell To sell goods, list on Trade Me.


For goods you just want to pass onto a new home.


If it's too good to throw out, phone your nearest Salvation Army Family Store (they will collect)
Old computers: Computer recycling: (Zero Waste for further info)

or visit the E-Day web site.

Auckland - The Ark (take old computers for refurbishment & reuse in schools/charities) Ph 09 272 2676

Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch - Dell Recycling

Rest of NZ -
Tauranga - Computer Recyclers NZ Ph 07 542 5523
Christchurch - EZY PC Ph 03 322 9358

(Phone numbers correct as at Nov 2006)
Mobile Phone batteries:

Cell phone batteries contain nickel and cadmium, so should not be disposed of via the landfill.

Visit the E-Day web site.

Both Telecom NZ and Vodafone offer a battery disposal service and sometimes offer credits against new phones. Just return it to Telecom or Vodafone or one of their authorised dealers.

For information on the safe disposal of other batteries, visit the Ministry for the Environment web site.

Smoke Alarms: Visit the National Radiation Laboratory web site for information.

Used Printer Cartridges:

Drop in box at Warehouse Stationery.



recycling bin

zero waste

There are lots of tips for reducing your rubbish on the Zero Waste web site.

Also visit
The Recycling Guru

other tips

Here are more recyling tips from Freecycle.

You can also join your local Freecycle group online.

Download a free brochure on 25 ways to live more sustainably.

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