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New clothing:

Choosing safe fabrics for baby is so important. Cotton used to be considering "a natural fibre" but there is a growing awareness of the many chemicals used to grow and manufacture cotton.

There are some great natural fabrics available, ranging from organic merino wools through to pure organic cotton and all designed to keep baby naturally warm. The choice is yours.

Why Organic?

Read this interesting article on traditional cotton vs organic cotton.

When investing in quality garments made from organic cotton, remember that not only will you and your child enjoy these natural garments - they have great resale on Trade Me and eBay too!

Baby showers:

If you're an eco-conscious parent, ensure you have a list so you get the organic/eco-friendly items that you really want. Either put a gift registry list on your web site/blog or register with a baby store.

Give your baby shower an eco-flavour by including suggestions for help ie cooked meals, babysitting siblings etc. You might also like to suggest that you are happy to receive recycled gifts (that friends children have outgrown)!

Check out our Gift Gallery for gift ideas.

Second hand clothing:

Buying recycled babywear will not only save you dollars but is also ecologically sound. Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Little feet love soft leather slip-on shoes. Several brands are widely available and ideal for babies 0 to 21 months. View our soft soles.

Finding leather shoes for toddlers and older children is more of a challenge. Many shoes are now manufactured in plastic, PVC or other synthetic materials. Look at the materials which are listed on the lining of the shoe.

From 2012, we will have a selection of Bobux iwalk and See Kai Run shoes suitable for children up to 5 years. View our shoes.

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