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Having a baby in the house, life suddenly changes. We realise that we are responsible for this little person and for future generations. We want to use products which are safe for our child and the environment.

Where do we find these products? Our health providers don't always provide information on the natural options available. We hear about them through mums-groups, word-of-mouth, trial and error. We often wish we'd found more natural alternatives and products that made good eco sense alot earlier!

In 2003, after our daughter Selina Rose was born, there seemed to be no central place to quickly find information about eco friendly baby products.

... and so organic baby was born in November 2005 in rural New Zealand.

We started as a Web Directory, then in 2008, we opened our first retail store in Petone, Wellington.
At our Petone Store, you can shop differently and feel good about how you shop. The majority of our products are organic, recycled, handcrafted or locally made.  

I love my work and helping others find great products. It is so satisfying researching new articles and discovering new products that will benefit my family, my friends and the organic baby community all around the globe.

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We support local mothers in need by providing surplus maternity and baby wear to St Vincents de Paul in Newtown. We joined New Zealand in supporting families in Christchurch by donating baby clothing and toiletries via Nelson Hospital.

In the last year, we have also supported Baby Wearing Aotearoa, The Big Latch On, Earlybuds and several local schools with the donation of prizes.

Sustainability Policy:

In keeping with our respect for the planet, we reuse boxes and packing materials and bubble wrap that come into our business. For smaller parcels, we do use courier bags to keep costs down although we are trying to find a recyclable option.

On our printer (which is seldom used)!, we use recycled paper, and use environmentally safe cleaning supplies in our home and office.

We aim to have a paperless accounts dept - all invoices are sent via email. Of course, we unplug all computers at the end of the day.

We strive to make our customers aware of sustainability and are always looking for more ways to improve our own!


The articles section grew from personal experience, research and contributions from other authors.

Whilst you can't believe everything you read on the internet, warnings about dubious ingredients and materials are difficult to ignore. I prefer to be cautious where children are concerned.

These articles are only guidelines, sometimes they may alert us to issues we may not have even thought about. If you have been using a product that we may not recommend, it is important not to worry about it. Just think about making some positive changes and doing things differently in the future. Please read our disclaimer.


Lianne and daughter Selina

Web site creator, Lianne and daughter Selina.

Photo reprinted with permission Duo Photography, Wellington, NZ

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