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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of questions, we get asked regularly.
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Shopping cart:

  • If you have specific questions regarding using our secure shopping cart or shipping,
    read more.

Food Safety:

Cosmetic Safety:

Cleaning Product Safety:

Plastics Safety:

  • For a good summary of which plastics are safe for your children
    visit this link.


  • The Z Recs Guide

  • Where can I buy BPA free or glass bottles?
  • Where can I buy BPA-free lunchboxes?
    • Plastic BPA-free lunchboxes are now available at most supermarkets
    • Stainless Steel lunchboxes are available from Yum Yum Kids



  • Which brand of Cloth Nappies/Diapers is best?
    Depends on your babies size, shape, age, lifestyle, preferences and budget.

    Check out our NZ Cloth Nappy FAQ's to see which type sounds best for you.

  • Where can I buy compostable nappy bags?
  • Where can I buy "Big Kids" nappies
    • in the US, look for Happy Heinys nappies
    • in NZ, visit Mum and Bubs (these go up to 22.5kg)

Potty Babies:

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Toddler sippy bottles

If you are looking for safe BPA-free sippy bottles for your toddler, visit our web store.

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